Monday, January 5, 2009

People like Mail!

Like you didn’t know it already…
People like Mail!

George Mason University Center for Social Science Research reports that the USPS is important to many households and small businesses. This finding shouldn’t come as a surprise to you since you’re in direct marketing, but some academic has to prove it every once in awhile to make it “legit.”

More than half of the households studied visit the post office weekly, 25% visit once a month and 20% visit daily. Daily? Don’t they have other things to do?

Anyway, approximately 75% of households buy their stamps at the USPS; and more than one third mail their letters from a post office.

Other studies show that Seniors look forward to receiving their mail every day as it is a confirmation that “Someone out there remembers me.”

Twenty-somethings like mail because it can contain private information that the Facebook crowd may not want to have splayed across the world wide web. They also appreciate its staying power. After all, they may not be ready to buy the latest and greatest gadget today, but saving catalogs so they know where to go to buy the L&G Gadget when the time comes has intrinsic value to them.

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