Thursday, February 26, 2009


1 - Using the wrong list. This is the biggest and most costly mistake. Many people send out mailings, never get a measured response, and do not understand why. It is critical to ensure that your list is current and aims your message at the right target.

2 - Poor copy. No matter how many words you choose to use, they must be the
RIGHT words. Spend time doing several versions with the goal of grabbing the readers attention. You only have a brief moment to convey your "Call to Action".

3 - No call to action. you must ask the reader to do SOMETHING! If you do not convey exactly what you want the reader to do, your marketing concept is worthless. Do you want them to pick up the phone and call you, or go to a particular web page? Make sure your "Call to Action" is clear and concise.

4 - No testing. Do not leave your marketing success to chance. Test your concept, hone and refine your message, and be ready for the potential response. Without testing your concept, your ROI will be jeopardized.

5 - Using hype over content. It is common to hype your product in place of highlighting the actual benefits and value to the consumer. Do not underestimate the intelligence of your
target market. They can tell the difference!

6 - Not proofing the copy. Missing information (like phone numbers, web address, disclaimers) are the kiss of death for even a great
Direct Mail campaign. Throughly proofread your marketing to assure that your not throwing money in the trash can! Have someone else review your marketing also to get a different perspective on potentially devastating errors.

7 - Not focusing on your headline. The biggest reason most of us throw Direct Mail straight into the trash, is that the headline did not catch our attention. Meaningless headlines or gimmicky sayings insult the readers intelligence. Use eye catching, pointed and meaningful headlines to increase your ROI, while not turning off a potential client.

8 - Highlighting form over function. A common mistake is placing too much emphasis on the creative design elements. Do not trade your valuable content for flashy graphics. Keep it simple!

9 - No follow up. Have a plan in place to react to the contact you will get from your marketing efforts. Using your marketing campaign to get the phone to ring is only half the battle. Have a plan for following up with leads, providing requested information and fulfilling service or product requests.

10 - Not tapping into expert advice. Learn more about what you would like to do from the experts in the industry. Direct mailing has been around a long time because it works very well when correctly implemented. We at
Paul & Partners have spent our careers mastering the art of direct mailing. We know how to get results. We want to show you how to save money and help you devise a great marketing campaign that will get you more return for your marketing dollar!

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