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Envelopes - 10 Techniques the Pros use

The Envelope Tricks of the Trade Series
10 Tried-and-True Techniques that the Pros use

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Why should the direct mail professionals keep all the good techniques to themselves? Here are a few of their techniques; use them to help get your mailing opened and read.

The envelope.

The first hurdle in direct mail is to get the envelope opened. Try one or two of these pro-proven techniques to jump over that hurdle. They might help you get a lift in your next mailing, too.

1- Send an envelope instead of a postcard. Envelopes outperform postcards all the time. Maybe because they are more personal. Maybe because there is a certain curiosity factor. Maybe because opening an envelope provides a fractional second of involvement—and hence a mini-commitment—that a postcard does not demand.

2- Closed face envelopes outpull window envelopes. Think about it. The really important letters of your life come in a closed face envelope. A birthday card from your mother. A note from your best friend. Isn’t your mailing just as important?

3- Stamps are better than meters. Meters are better than indicias. (Indicias are those little black boxes printed on the envelope in lieu of a stamp.) Stamps make the letter look like it came from a real person. Meters look like a company sent the mailing. An indicia screams “I am a mass mailing!” Which are you more likely to open first? (See related article: "Stamp, Meter, Indicia? - A Postage Primer" )
4- If one stamp is good, two is better. ‘Nuff said.

5- Cancellation marks add extra importance to letters. In today’s postal system only First Class mail is cancelled. Emulate the look of First Class in any mail class with a mailer’s cancellation mark. People subliminally recognize the cancellation mark as being important.

6- Handwriting fonts on the envelope can help get some mail opened. Appeals for funds to help an orphanage or save a whale? Yes. Information from the Desk of the President advising you about a stockholders meeting? No. Be judicious.

7- If handwriting is good, doing it in color is even better.

8- Take handwriting to its logical conclusion. Make the return address in the same handwriting font, in the same color. Add a stamp. How much more personal can you get? (See related article: "Get Personal - Get Results" )

9- Teasers. Not all teasers are created equal. Good teasers make the recipient want to open the envelope by creating tension or curiosity, or by inspiring pride or fear. (See related article: "10 Tips for Great Copywriting" )

10- Don’t forget the back of the envelope. If you’ve got a meaningful message that compels the recipient to open the piece—then try it.

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