Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am soooooo bored...

I am sooo bored. For a workaholic like me, a week at the beach is an eternity away from the excitement of the office. Sunbathing isn’t good for me. Getting sand in my ears and everywhere isn’t my thing. Sipping Pina Coladas before 4:00?—just too decadent. Yes, I am a desperately bored woman.

But I do have my computer, so I’ve decided to turn to you for help.

Send me your questions about postal regulations,
direct mail strategies, postage pricing, using personalization, getting the best bang for your direct marketing buck. Or whatever is on your mind. If I can help, I will.

As your own personal downscale Dear Abby, I’ll try to offer advice geared to save you money, minimize your postage outlay, and enhance your response rates.

I want to hear from you. No, I need to hear from you! or 703-996-0800

Save me! My brain is stupefying.

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1 comment:

nancy said...

I trust you're back home now, working yourself to distraction. I don't think Nova Scotia is gonna work for you, Ellen. :-)