Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Primer on Premiums

Not every mailer needs—or wants—to use premiums. They do cost $$ after all; and they can’t be created overnight, so package development lead time may suffer.

Furthermore, once you use them, you need to keep on using them as your audience will expect to see them every time. So you’ll be constantly on the prowl for the next-best-thing on a regular basis, and prowling can be hard work.

On the other hand, premiums work hard for you.

Lumpy packages inspire recipient curiosity; they get your mail opened more often. And they encourage upgraded gifts from people who might not otherwise contribute as much.

Best yet: you’ll get a lot of really neat samples to share with the kids at home.

If you do want to go the premium route, finding an inspired thingamabob or tchotchke—one that works with your message and for your organization—is a Godsend.

Want to retire your refrigerator magnets? Pens and pencils too passé?...Stuck on stickers that no longer pull…or loser address labels?

You and a thousand other mailers, folks. These premiums are so last century.

And if you’re bored, just imagine what your recipients are thinking. Ho hum to the max.

You’re in luck! There’s a whole new generation of truly cutting-edge giveaways for your consideration. Here’s a very short list of new-to-the-market gizmos for your consideration. Best yet, these guys are so new, that there will be zero ho-hum factor.

Green goodies

1. Pens, mugs and even polo shirts made out of corn by-products. They work just as you would expect them to work, but at the end of their useful life they simply dissolve away. No carbon footprint worries. No eternal bad stuff in the landfills. You’re a green genius!

2. FEDEX and UPS packaging that unfolds after shipping and converts Transformer-like into a high-quality waterproof canvas boat tote. It’s a neat, clean solution to sending a thank you to a donor. There’s no waste. It’s reusable, recyclable and long wearing. Ta Dah!

Fun Stuff

1. Folding Frisbees. These guys fold up so small you can put them in a pocket. After all, you never know when you’ll find an accommodating Golden Retriever—or a gorgeous co-ed—looking for a bit of exercise.

2. Wash-off tattoos. Scared of needles? Too conservative for the
real thing? Want to see your logo on everybody’s cheek? A
temporary tattoo may be just the thing. You design ‘em. Kool
Kids—and their hip parents—love the look, and they wash off with
soap and water.


1. Turn your cell phone into a flashlight. OK, this may sound
nuts—until you’re lost on a dark country road with a flat tire and
a dead battery. You can call AAA and plot your route back to
civilization with a roadmap while you wait for help to arrive. Not
likely? OK, if you ever find yourself at an impromptu rock concert, this gadget will wow the folks around you. You just can’t be prepared enough.

2. Custom DVD. Tell us what your organization wants. We’ll make it happen. Patriotic music since 1776? Music with just-for-your-organization themes like frogs, space, etc? Snippets from the boss’s best “rally the troops” speeches? Professionally recorded, arranged and presented. The perfect stocking stuffer for your 10,000 closest BFFs.

Piqued your interest? Good! This short list is truly just the tip of the iceberg for new and different promotional premiums. And while a premium may not be everybody’s cup of tea (oh yes—we have some truly delicious exotic teas you can brand for yourself, too!) if you’re in hot water because your current premiums just aren’t working like they should, contact us.

You’re only limited by your imagination!

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