Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Multi-Channel. Multi Bueno!

Marketing gurus who track what’s what believe that interactive marketing will climb a stellar 9.2% in 2010 while overall marketing will increase by a much more modest 0.8 percent.

It’s so obvious.

It’s elementary chemistry. Combine two basic ingredients like oxygen and hydrogen and make something even better: Water!

In marketing, combine direct mail with PURLs, emails, QR codes or text messaging to give your message multiple opportunities to attract attention, boost response rates and increase return on investment.

It’s intuitive.

Using multiple approaches increases the odds that you will be heard above the cosmic background noise that is today’s cacophonous marketplace.

If it’s true that each of us gets billions and billions of marketing messages a day (or even 5,000 which is what these marketing gurus speculate), then simply repeating your message increases your odds of success.

How much does the second touch do for you? These gurus will tell you that a second approach to the same audience can boost your response rates by as much as 15%!

If just sending out a follow-up would boost your responses by 15% don’t you agree you’d be an idiot not to send that second message?

Yet so many marketers sadly don’t get it.

Maybe the cost of the second approach is a deterrent in today’s economically-challenged marketplace. If so, it’s a case of penny-wise pound-foolish. Remember: 15%!

Maybe they don’t realize that we are in a generational transition. Old codgers like me like hard copy. Always have. Always will. But my 30-something gadget-giddy son was born with a TV remote and a computer mouse in his hand; he likes to get his information electronically.

If you only send direct mail, you’ll miss him. If you only send emails and text messages, you’re likely to miss me.

Mix it up if your audience is multi-generational. Remember, not everyone is equally conversant in all media.

Houston, we have a problem.

Need proof about where our world is heading?

92% of Americans say they get their information from multiple platforms including the internet, email, direct mail, newspapers, newsletters, radio, cell phones, text messages, social media, TV, magazines and of course, word of mouth. 46% of us get our information from four to six media. Only 7% rely on just one source.

If you use only one media you could be reaching only 7% of your potential universe!

If you can make a go of it on 7%, then keep doing what you’ve been doing. Go ahead and join the Flat Earth Society. Membership is cheap.

Employing a second—or even a third—media need not break the bank. QR codes, email and text messages, for instance, are ridiculously inexpensive when you consider what they can produce for you. Need I remind you: up to 15%!

Yes, you too can be a multi-channel marketing star. Call me.

Sometimes it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist.

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EJ said...

There is almost no barriers to communication these days. Coming up with effective channel management solutions means participation in channel activities which not all managers may want but is necessary