Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Am I Too Late?

When widely circulated statistics show that more than 40% of annual web-based non-profit donations come in during the last 30 days of the year, the question should really be “Why aren’t you in the mail?”

Every day your non-profit is not in the mail is lost opportunity, lost revenue. Getting into the mail fast is imperative.

Here are a few ideas from Paul&Partners to help you move fast and effectively:

  1. Select your optimal housefile donors. People over 80 will probably not donate on line; people who have donated only small amounts previously will probably not increase their contributions much at this time. Multiple donors are a must.
  2. Keep your package simple. A lot of four color printing, too many inserts or too much handworked froufrou and folderol may make it harder to produce quickly.
  3. What is not froufrou and folderol is using personalization to previous donors including a personalized letter with appropriate salutation, suggested donation upgrades and a closed-faced envelope with a live stamp. Your housefile is your financial bread-and-butter. Don’t skimp on them.
  4. Emphasize the year-end urgency and restate the tax deductibility of their gift.
  5. Include the usual response card and envelope, but emphasize the web donation option for procrastinators.

10 days to lift-off: If you’re truly committed, you can be in the mail 10 days from today. Here’s how:

Today: commitment decision. Start selecting data pulls and writing copy. Basic package design roughs.

Day 2 determine data selects, hone copy and design concepts.

Day 3 data selection is complete; copy is finished and approved.

Day 4 data submitted for NCOA, merge/purge, etc; design completed.

Day 5 letter and personalization set-ups. Start printing letterhead then envelopes and lift notes or other enclosures.

Day 5-6 finish printing generic pieces. Live carrier, letter and reply set-ups.

Day 7-8 imaging and mailing

Day 9-10 insurance days. Just in case.

Need a helping hand? Ask us. If you’re committed to making a difference to your bottom line this year, we are committed to making it happen for you. Call us today 703-996-0800 or visit online www.PaulandPartners.net.

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