Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I want OUT!

I want OUT!Listen to me, online advertisers. I mean it, dammit!

No, I don't want to be a pharmacy technician. I do not want to buy a foreclosed property. And I certainly don't want the electronic cigarettes you've been pushing at me lately.

So I've taken the next step.

Knowing that it is a matter of months before the FTC will force you to honor my request to leave me alone in my self-imposed cyber isolation, I have decided to preemptively kick you guys off my screen and out of my life.

www.aboutads.infoIt was easy. I simply visited www.AboutAds.info, an admittedly Beta Website (ie maybe not ready for prime time yet), and opted out of the 43 companies that were following me online.

The site which introduces itself as a self-regulatory effort by the online marketing industry (sponsors are listed in the right column) lets consumers like me see which advertisers are following us. By clicking on the box to the right of the advertiser's name, and then hitting "submit" I informed all 43 of you to take a hike.

Bye bye!Take a hike!

Now if those ads for the electronic cigarettes keep showing up, I'll know what "self-regulation" means in the advertising industry.

The FTC is looking for comments on its pending legislation to control online tracking which the ad industry insists can be self-regulating. I can't wait to tell them what I know.

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