Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You're a Colorful Character! Shouldn't your marketing be, too?

Direct Mail Dead?Ever since our ancestors first drew antelopes on cave walls, artists have used color to arrest attention. That’s why designers create logos, photos, illustrations and charts in color. And why they use boxes, rules, underlines, tint tones, reverses, screens, duotones and the like.

Today, even paper can get in the act by being an eye-popping neon color, or just an understated off-white. Anything but “just black and white.”

As a marketer, you know color works hard for you. It stops readers, focuses their attention and gives you a millisecond longer to make your point. If you’ve written the headline well, and designed the piece convincingly, that fraction of a second may be enough to clinch the deal.

Yes indeed, color sells.

But, until recently, full color printing was expensive. So you probably had to use it judiciously to stay in budget. Digital presses lowered the price of color on your short run jobs, but long runs were still outside your budget.

Full Color Envelopes

Full color envelopes were a designer’s dream—and despair. More often than not, they had to be offset printed then “converted.” Converting means die cutting the envelope from the pre-printed sheet, then applying glue and finally folding. The whole process could take weeks and cost dearly.

That is so yesterday! (Want to see more envelope samples, click here?)

Today, Paul&Partners proudly announces four color envelopes. Since we can agree that color attracts attention, we propose that a smart cookie like you would like to use a full color envelope for your next mailing.

And if getting an envelope that will stand out in the mailbox isn’t enough of a great thing, we can address the envelopes at the same time we’re printing them for you. That means we save you production time and money!

Best of all, we can print these envelopes for you fast and at a cost even your accountant will love.

Yes we can...Caveat: Not every artist’s inspiration is a good match for this technology. Leonardo might be disappointed in our rendition of his Mona Lisa, but Picasso would be delirious with joy with what we can do with his work. It all depends.

Send us your idea and we’ll let you know if it is a candidate for full color envelope printing. We’ll even let you know how much it will cost and how long it will take to print and mailshop the job for you.

Contact us by calling 703-996-0800 or sending an email to Ellen@PaulandPartners.net.

It’s time to show the world your true colors.

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