Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So Much to Do; So little time

Everybody is in a rush today. For many of us it's instant breakfast, instant drinks, instant potatoes, instant gratification. If something takes longer than we think it should, it aggravates us. ("Why is my computer so slow today?" "Can't he see the light turned green already?" "Why is she running late, again?")

Instant GratificationEvery second counts.

That's why if your website takes too long to download, (whatever that means) you may be costing your business or organization big bucks.

Well, according to research released recently by the Aberdeen Group, we now know what "too long to download" means.

It means one itty bitty second.

The average impact of one second delay is enormous, according to this study.

The number of page views goes down 11%. The number of conversions drops by 7%. And customer satisfaction rating plummets a stunning 16%.

Life on the web is competitive enough without self-inflicted damage. People expect—nay, demand—speed today. If your precious flash introduction is slowing up your presentation, you'll lose your audience. They will simply walk away with a click of a finger.

Every Second CountsYou've invested thousands of dollars in your website presentation. Don't lose your hard-won audience in the last second. Take a minute to open your own website. Check out how fast it downloads. Then fix it if you must.

Remember, every second counts. And some more than others.

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