Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Psst! I'm talking to YOU! Almost 8 hints to cut through the noise

Machines Run Our LivesMachines run our lives today. They ring. They beep. They vibrate. They unfailingly demand our attention. And if you're like most of us, you readily give in to their insistent electronic demands. That we can still function despite all the electronic distraction is a testament to our capacity to multi-task.

Multi-tasking is both an amazing intellectual skill unique to humans and the bane of a marketer's existence. For to be successful in marketing, you've got to get someone's attention. And that means cutting through all the cacophony of electronic noise that fills heads today.

As a marketer, you know the first challenge is to make your message heard above the noise...to make people stop, listen and respond to your message. But it isn't as easy as it sounds. "Psst! I'm talking to you!" has never been more difficult.

But hey! You're in marketing, and you're up for a good challenge. So here are a few techniques to help you combat the multi-tasking madness:

  1. Repetition. If they don't hear you the first time, say it again. How many times a day do you hear ads for McDonalds? It's about getting someone's attention and cutting through the clutter. And coincidentally about selling a burger or two.
  2. Choose your Audience carefully. Studies show that 40% of your success is based on the list you use. If the audience is wrong, your message—even a brilliantly creative one—will fail.
  3. Personalization. Catch your recipient's attention—at least momentarily. Call them by name. Refer to their last purchase/donation by date or dollar amount. Mention their hobby or passion. Make your message about them. After all, everybody likes to talk about themselves.
  4. Timeliness. Make your message pertinent to your recipient. It is no coincidence that Super Bowl ads often have football themes.
  5. KISS it. Keep it short and simple. Attention spans are shortening. Recipients only have so much time they will expend on your message. They've got to get back to their texting, after all.
  6. Make it amusing. They may not have much time, but everyone likes to laugh.
  7. Experiment. If your message or audience isn't suited to one media, change your message, change your audience or change your media. Find the combination that yields best results, then "work it."
  8. Repetition. Successful marketing today is a lot like voting in old-time Chicago. Market them early and market them often. And yes, I am repeating myself.

Marketing TechnologyYou get the picture. Marketing in this noisy environment is not for the faint of heart, but there are techniques that will make you more successful.

I could go on, but Dancing With the Stars is starting soon, I've got to check my email and the phone is ringing.

I know you understand.

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