Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Small Screen is Big News

Perhaps if your temples are greying, you can remember when TV was "The Small Screen." Now the family television is 60" and expanding, while movie screens are shrinking to fit intimate art house venues.

Today, "The Small Screen" means that ubiquitous palm-sized smart phone you schlep around everywhere. That little device has been a technology game changer.

Marketers have redesigned websites to accommodate it. QR codes have sprung up to give you immediate access to that redesigned website. Text messaging has become a merchandising power tool and texting between friends is now de rigeur. APS for everything have emerged. Movies, games, music and news came to your hand. And who knows what's next.

And then there's the biggest secret: people spend 38% of time on their smart phones reading emails!

If you're sending emails, a significant portion is probably ending up on that itty bitty screen. Here are a few ideas to help you get your message across:
  1. Keep your subject lines short. Max: 6 words
  2. Keep content short.
  3. Use a single-column format.
  4. Put call to actions in a larger font so they are easy to see.
  5. Include "click to read on mobile device" link.
  6. Include a plain text version. Just in case.
  7. Test. Use a simulator-or send it to your own phone as a test case.
Remember, not everyone has great eyesight. It goes before the hair.

Please let me know if you're reading this on your smart phone. I'm keeping score! Email me at Ellen@PaulandPartners.net.   

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