Monday, October 15, 2012

Just when you thought you knew it all—there’s MORE!

Paul&Partners is proud to help with your printing, mailing and emailing campaigns, but  now we bring something more to the table.

partnerEffective immediately Paul&Partners has partnered with PMC—Print Mail Communications—in Lorton, VA to serve you even better.  

Yes, YOU are the big winner.   Here’s why:

check MORE data processing power
checkmark MORE personalization power (ask me—you’ll love what I have to say!)
checkmark MORE mailshop capabilities
checkmark MORE presses and printing options
checkmark MORE staff to serve your every need
check And MORE terrific customer service.

There are even some truly creative packages that PMC can do and no one else can.  (Curious?  Call me!)
It’s all about serving YOU better.  You’ll still have all the great services that you’ve always depended on.  You may even hear familiar voices on the phone.

Need a quote?  You have my number: 
Want to talk about our new capabilities? 
Call me!  703-996-0800.

Got the picture?  My phone remains 703-996-0800;  and our Paul&Partners emails will stay active for a while, but soon we’ll be all PMC all the time.

Looking forward to serving you MORE often and with MORE capabilities soon!

It’s everything you need from a great production team.  And more.

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Emma Cay said...

Thanks for sharing. I would love to get more information on direct mail in Washington, DC. I'd love to know how it works and what is so great about this new system.