Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Speaking of Postage...

It's established that stamps on letters outpull any other form of affixing postage (indicias and meters, specifically). These letters get opened first, faster and more dependably. Yep. That tiny little stamp can give your return rate a great big lift.

Every class of mail (First, First Class Presort, Standard, Non-Profit) has at least one stamp appropriate to that class. At any given time, the USPS can have special stamps (think Fat Elvis or Love stamps) that are appropriate for First Class and one or two stamps appropriate for each presorted class.

You can even use marketing strategies like mailer's cancellation marks to boost your return rate further. Since the USPS only cancels First Class mail these days, a letter with a cancellation mark over a stamp looks important in the eye of the recipient. It's subliminal suggestion, and it's effective.

Like where this is heading? Here's more:

Two stamps make your letter look like someone was scrounging through the odds and ends drawer to get enough postage to mail the letter, so it must really be important!

For maximum impact, combine multiple stamps with the mailer's cancellation mark.

If the prospect of affixing 100,000 stamps doesn't appeal to you, but you like the boost in returns that a stamp brings, let us know. Paul&Partners has the equipment to do it for you. We can do thousands in an hour without breaking a sweat.

Since flats rose less than any other category of mail, you may wish to use flats (ie pieces mailing in a 9x12 envelope) with more frequency soon. It's a simple way to stand out in the mailbox and make a big statement.

Yes, Paul&Partners can put stamps on flats, and yes, we can insert your letters, newsletters, catalogs, etc into those 9x12 envelopes for you, too. Our MasterMailer makes this oversized insertion work almost effortless.

Need more ideas to make your mail grab your recipients' attention? Call Paul&Partners at 703-996-0800 and ask for Ellen. Conversation is free.

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